Saeco HD8752/85 Saeco Intelia Automatic Espresso Machine Automatic Milk Frother Stainless Steel

Saeco parts and accessoriesSaeco HD8752/85 Saeco Intelia Automatic Espresso Machine Automatic Milk Frother Stainless Steel
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Owners Manual

Parts and Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionLocationDemand
4219460001312Poles Connector Pump V2 Clp Ul27
9965300681132Polesconnet.coffeegrinder Motor Npr Ul34
9965300686713Poles Connector Flowmeter Clp Ul28Y
9965300687453Poles Connector Water Level Clp Ul32
9965300681143Polesconnector Mc Sensor Npr Ul27
9965300095055X8,9 Silicone Tube34Y Dispenser Lid Npr Evo Class Metal
996530073359Anthrac.dump Box Npr/h-p. Evo Class/bella Ant
996530072496Anthrac.front Panel S/ Npr/h-p Evo Class
996530073219Anthrac.left Side Casing Npr. Only Bella Mf
996530073216Anthrac.right Side Door V2 Npr Only Bella Mf
996530073214Anthrac.upper Casing Cover Npr/p Bella Mf10
996530072452Anthrac.water Tank Front Cover Npr. Evo Class / Bella Mf
996530049896Antivibration For Motor08Y
996530072419As.cpu+sw Npr/h-pY
996530068707As.cpu+sw Npr/h-p 230V 230V All Models (Excluded Intuita)39
996530001522As.cpu+sw Water Level Sensor V231Y
996530011183Axialbearing Ekko 342.3525208Y
996530068683Ba/ss Grate For Drip Tray Npr/h. Only Intuita21Y
996530016342Bakedclay Grinder 48X2805Y
996530017424Bakelizzate Washer D=5,507Y
996530058836Bipolar Switch Fusit C1250ar34Y
996530072495Black 6Buttons Touch Panel S/scr.npr/p Evo Focus / Latte Mf18
996530073362Black Brew Unit 8Gr.5bar Hgo18Y
996530050827Black Brew Unit Coupling Plate Smart15Y
996530050539Black Brew Unit Drilled Block13
996530050492Black Brew Unit Elbow Shaft M500014
996530003228Black Brew Unit Front Plate S/scr.smart27
996530050832Black Brew Unit Rear Plate Smart10
996530002749Black Bush For Teflon Tube 2X4 P12412Y
996530073101Black Casing Bottom Cover V2 Npr/e56
996530068752Black Casing Bottom Insert Npr. All Models15
996530001448Black Coffee Container Brew Unit P12425
996530068742Black Coffee Dispenser Body Lid Npr04
996530068667Black Coffee Dispenser Body Npr05
996530068698Black Coffee Dispenser Mobile Part Npr03
996530068668Black Coffee Grinder Supp.plate Npr/h-p14
996530016529Black Coffee Measure Smart04Y
996530001452Black Connecting Rod Brew Unit 8Gr.26Y
996530001046Black Counter Piston Brew Unit 8Gr.p12404Y
996530068673Black Display Frame Npr15
996530068736Black Display Keyboard Support Npr20
996530068682Black Display Support Npr17
996530068723Black Drip Tray Guide Npr16Y
996530072533Black Drip Tray V2 Npr/h-p. All Models
996530006914Black Fork For Steam Tube Gxsm07Y
996530072492Black Front Panel S/ Npr/h-p Evo Focus / Latte Mf11
996530001908Black Grinder Adjustment Key P004951Y
996530006494Black Hinge For Door Right Side Xsm42Y
996530006495Black Hinge For Rear Casing Xsm41
996530018241Black Hopper Doser Brew Unit Smart116
996530072528Black Led Keyboard Support Npr. Only Intuita30
996530068729Black Left Side Casing Npr. All Models13Y
996530000733Black Lid For Duckbill Valve P004922Y
996530005979Black Pa6 Bush For Steam Tube P005705Y
996530001012Black Pannarello Cover P0049 Intuita Blk BlkY
996530000925Black Pannarello Inner Tube P004902Y
996530025872Black Power Cable Australia L=1200
996530069926Black Power Cable Brazil L=1200
996530009627Black Power Cable Brazil L=1200
996530025808Black Power Cable Schuko L=120003Y
996530006364Black Pwr/cpu Board Protection P005740
996530068714Black Rear Casing Npr37Y
996530068728Black Rear Casing Program.insert Npr38Y
996530002096Black Scraper For Brew Unit M500020
996530072515Black Seal For Ratiomotor Plate Npr16
996530018278Black Silicone Tube 7,5X9,310Y
996530007442Black Slim/exsl Tub.boiler Support18
996530068055Black Steam Tube Handgrip S/scr.npr/h Evo Class / Class Metal/ Intuita Mat41Y
996530018056Black Type Ulka Pump W/bevel Support25
996530009825Black Water Inlet Sleeve Brew Unit Assy.07Y
996530050488Black Water Inlet Sleeve Brew Unit Royal08Y
421941300671Black/sil.steam Tube Handgrip G0053 Intuita/evo Focus / Latte Mf03Y
996530001673Blackbean Coffee Grinder Insert P004935Y
996530000115Blackcoffeegrinder Motor Support P12422
996530072474Blk 6Buttons Touch Panel S/s.steam Npr/b. Only Intuita Blk Blk28
996530073211Blk 6Buttons Touch Panel S/s.steam Npr/h Bella Mf
996530007577Blk 8Gr.brew Unit Ntegr.piston Gen.assy.32Y
996530068747Blk Boiler Insulating Cover Npr32
996530073322Blk Brew Unit Conveyor Slide L=76,833
996530001451Blk Brew Unit Integral Piston 8Gr.assy.24Y
996530050829Blk Brewunit Hopper Blocking Plate Smart18
996530068727Blk Cap.milk Tube Connect.d=1,05 Npr/h Evo Class / Class Metal/intuita Mat38Y
996530067437Blk Capacit.sensor Deadlock Insert Xsm48
996530068749Blk Capacit.sensor Locking Insert Npr33
421941301101Blk Cappuc.casing Cover N/s/s.smr/h Assy47
421941301121Blk Cappuc.casing Cover Ring Smr/h48
421941301131Blk Cappuc.casing Seal Smr/h49Y
421941301081Blk Cappuc.casing Smr/h45
421941301151Blk Cappuc.s/scr.smr/h Assy.44
421946000261Blk Casing Bottom V2a Npr/l Latte Mf
421944002491Blk Casing Bottom V3 Npr/h-p All Models (Excluded Latte Mf)36
996530005415Blk Cof.outlet Sleeve Brew Unit S0053 As01Y
996530017377Blk Connector 90 For Spheric.cappuc.51Y
996530005372Blk Counter Piston Tube Brew Unit S005303Y
996530025882Blk Power Cable Uk L=1200
996530001899Blk Ratiomot.mounting Plate Cover P005709
996530066736Blk Ratiomotor Mounting Plate Xsmc Assy.01
421941301141Blk Steam Tube Insert Smr/h43Y
996530072477Blk Wiring Fix Insert For Grinder Board36Y
421941094152Blkcof.grinder Upper Grinder Support V203Y
996530068049Blkground Coff.outlet Conveyor V4 Assy.11Y
996530017952Blklower Coffeegrinder Grinder Support07Y
996530017963Blksensor Support For Cof.grinder Motor21Y
996530015258Blkupper Body With Coffee Ground Outlet26
996530007058Blkv2bean Contain.finger Protect.p005719Y
996530067667Brass 2Way Ev 21Jn1rrv20-xt+lbv05024cu10Y
996530006412Brassbush Bean Cont.finger Protec.p005706Y
996530049898Bronze Sintered Bush For Motor Ratiomot.06Y
996530011867Brush For Cleaning05Y
996530073105Cardboard Lower Insert For Box Npr/l59
996530073104Cardboard Upper Insert For Box Npr/l58
996530072482Chrom.coff.dispen.front Plate V2 Npr/h-t Evo Class / Bella Mf
996530068757Chrom.front Panel Cap Npr/h-p. Evo Class / Class Metal / Bella Mf12
996530068761Chrom.touch Panel Frame Npr/h-p Evo Class/class Metal
421944002281Coff.grinder Soundproofing Cover V2 Npr45
996530001308Coffeegrinder Regulation Spring P12429Y
996530000376Coffeegrinder Support Spring P12418Y
996530001907Coffeegrinding Adjustment Gear P004930Y
996530072487Control Knob V2 Potentiom.ins.npr/b. Only Intuita31
996530073399Cpu+sw Npr/b 120V Assy. 120V Only IntuitaY
996530072449Cpu+sw Npr/b 230V Assy. 230V Only Intuita
996530072491Crc Coff.dispenser Front Insert Npr/h-t Evo Class / Bella Mf22
996530072538Crc Coff.dispenser Front Plate V2 Npr/p Evo Focus / Latte Mf
996530073213Crc Coffee Dispenser Lid Npr Bella Mf
996530072523Crc Coffee Dispenser Lid Npr Evo Class
996530072517Crc Control Knob V2 Npr/b Only Intuita25
996530073212Crc Front Casing Cover V2 Npr Bella Mf
996530072463Crc Front Casing Cover V2 Npr Evo Class
996530072518Crc Front Panel Cap Npr/b. All Models
996530072508Crc Front Panel Cap Npr/h-p. Evo Focus / Latte Mf
996530072465Crc Touch Panel Frame Npr/h-p Evo Focus / Latte Mf13
996530069782Cup Socket V2 En 60320 C 13Y
996530072437Cup Socket V3 En 60320 C 1335Y
996530072504Display Box Npr/hm Sae Intelia Evocl.met.we
421940312261Display Box Npr/hm Sae Intelia Evomet.
421941300941Display Lcd 128X64 Smr16Y
996530072521Displaybox Npr/h Sae Intelia Evo Class We
996530073218Displaybox Npr/o Sae Intelia Evo Otto We
996530072519Displaybox Npr/p Sae Intelia Evo Focus We44
421940438781Document.dvd V2 Npr Intelia/intuita Assy61
996530022784Electr.board With Sensor Hal506 Sf-k23Y
996530013597Feltring 45,4X39,4x409Y Npr/b Sae44 Npr/b Sae Npr/b Sae Intuita Usa Npr/l Sae Intelia Latte We
996530068077Flow Selector Faucet Npr12Y
996530004724Flow Selector Valve Cap P005717
996530004723Flow Selector Valve Support P005715
996530073221Front.npr/h-p Ant/l.ser.bella Bella Mf
996530012341Galv.washer Uni 8842 A410Y
996530029609Gearsx Z=38 For Grinder Motion Assy.13Y
996530071878Gen.motor Cof.grinder Npr 120V Assy.Y
996530068697Gen.motor Coffee Grinder Npr Assy.
996530051874Glass Sphere D.5 Mm29Y
996530068732Grey Brew Unit Drawer Coffee Npr17Y
996530001832Grey Water Container Valve Insert P004924Y
996530072511Gryground Coffee Cont.lower Seal Smart112
996530073108Havana External Box Npr/l60
996530073215Havana External Box Npr/o
996530068751Hp/slim Tub.boiler Assy.23
996530068717Hp/slim Tub.boiler Std 1900W 230V Assy.
996530001389Insulator Bush For Grinder Motor P12417Y
996530072468Kit Ps-e Insert For Box Npr/b Only Intuita
996530072853Kit Ps-e Insert For Box Npr/e Latte Mf43
996530068711Kit Ps-e Insert For Box Npr/h-p All Models (Excluded Latte Mf)43
996530072455Kyb - Interface Npr/b. Only Intuita Blk Blk29
996530068721Kyb - Interface Npr/h-t Evo Class/class Metal19Y
996530068666Kyb - Interface Npr/p Evo Focus / Latte MfY
996530070371L-f/brass Connect.for Alum.boiler08Y
996530067632L-f/brass Connector For Boiler Aura11Y
996530072932Lk 6Buttons Touch Panel S/sc.capp.npr/b. Only Intuita Mat Gry
996530001314Lower Coffeegrinder Gear Support P12428Y
996530050555Magnet For Float Superaut.54Y
996530072502Manual Sae Hd8750 Npr/b Es
996530072484Manual Sae Hd8750 Npr/b Fr
996530072506Manual Sae Hd8750 Npr/b Gb02
996530073515Manual Sae Hd8752 Npr/h Pt/bra
996530073222Manual Sae Hd8770 Npr/o De
996530073217Manual Sae Hd8770 Npr/o Gb
421940439941Manual.sae Hd8779 Npr/hm Fr
421940439931Manual.sae Hd8779 Npr/hm Gb
996530072512Matt/black Coffee Dispenser Lid Npr Evo Focus/intuita02
996530072526Matt/black Drip Tray Npr/h-p. Only Intuita19
996530072525Matt/black Dump Box Npr/h-p. Evo Class/focus/intuita / Latte Mf18
996530072527Matt/black Front Casing Cover V2 Npr Evo Focus/intuita Blk Blk / Latte Mf06
996530072493Matt/black Front Panel V2 S/scr.npr/b Intuita Blk Blk
996530072473Matt/black Right Side Door V2 Npr All Models30Y
996530072457Matt/black Upper Casing Cover Npr/p Evo Focus / Intuita / Latte Mf10
996530072456Matt/black Water Tank Front Cover Npr. Intuita Blk Blk/focus / Latte Mf29Y
996530073102Matt/blk Casing Bottom Cover Ins.npr/l55
996530072509Matt/blk Cof.dispens.front Plate Npr/h-p Intuita Blk Blk01
996530072464Matt/blk Coff.dispens.front Insert Npr/p Evo Focus / Latte Mf
996530018139Mcv3mod=1,25 Worm Screw Centring Cap15
996530058869Microswitch Saia Xcg5-81-p502Y
996530073209Microswitch Xg/v3d15Y
996530000315Motor Coffeegrinder V3.1 120V Assy.Y
996530000317Motor Coffeegrinder V3.1 Assy.14Y
996530002796Motor For Ratiomotor P124 Assy.05Y
996530004722Mushroom Valve For Flow Selector P005714
996530050569Mylar Washer For Ratiomotor04
996530072514Nat/grey Bean Coffee Cont.insert Npr/b52
996530068681Nat/grey Bean Coffee Contain.lid Npr/h-t Evo Class / Class Metal07Y
996530068715Nat/grey Bean Coffee Container Lid Npr/p Evo Focus / Intuita / Bella MfY
996530068743Nat/grey Bean Coffee Container Npr09Y
996530068685Nat/grey Ground Coffee Hopper Lid Npr08Y
996530068674Nat/grey Water Container Npr Assy.28Y
996530072494Neutr.6buttons Touch Panel Insert Npr/b Only Intuita27
996530059392O-ring 106 Silicone46Y
996530007947Oetiker Clamp D=9,5 1670000430Y
996530013564Or 2015 Silicone Ptfe/fda07Y
996530059441Or 2025 In Termoil09Y
996530059419Or Orm 0050-20 In Silicone14Y
996530013575Or Orm 0060-15 Termoil31Y
996530013509Or Orm 0060-20 Termoil06Y
996530059399Or Orm 0090-20 Silicone13Y
996530007948Or Orm 0120-20 Black Epdm13Y
996530013571Or Orm 0190-10 Epdm26Y
996530059406Or Orm 0320-40 Silicone Ptfe/fda05Y
996530013577Ororm0530-15 Nbr Fda04Y
996530050709Percolator De=35,8 Elfo06Y
996530006805Pin For Flow Selector Faucet P0057 Assy.11Y
996530006804Pin For Flow Selector Faucet V2 P005712
996530002748Plate For Bush Teflon Tube 2X4 P12411
996530025843Power Cable Sjt3 Usa Black Ul L=1200Y
996530070318Psa Kluber Tribostar Sil 2 Tube 5Gr.01
996530011182Radial Bearing 61900.2Rs124Y
996530006683Red Float For Drip Tray Xsm20Y
996530072536Sb/ss Grate For Drip Tray V2 Npr/h-p. All Models
996530013165Screw Tcb Torx 10 3,5X16 Plast.zn-b33Y
996530007953Screw Tcb Torx 10 3,5X20 Plast.ss28
996530007838Screw Tcb Torx 10 3X25 Plast.ss02
996530013156Screw Tcb Torx 10 3X8 Plast.zn-b26Y
996530012928Screw Tcb Torx 20 M4x30 Zn-b02Y
996530069758Screw Tcb Torx 20 M4x8 Autoforming Zn-b19
996530012992Screw Tcb Torx 3,5X30 Plast.zn-b16
996530070321Screw Tcbr Torx 10 3,5X12 Plast.ss19
996530007819Screw Tcbr Torx 10 3,5X12 Plast.zn-n10Y
996530013148Screw Tcbr Torx 10 3,5X14 Plast.ss17Y
996530007951Screw Tsp Torx 10 3X10 Plast.ss11Y
996530008024Screw Tsp Torx 10 5X20 Plast.zn-b22
996530008039Screw Tsp Torx 10 5X35
996530068755Sil.6buttons Touch Panel S/s.steam Npr/h Evo Class/class Metal
996530051237Silicone Tube 3,5X6 L=350 Mm Ds50Y
996530031599Silicone Tube 3,5X6 L=400 Mm37Y
996530057357Silicone Tube 5X10 60Sh33Y
996530072911Silver Cof.dispenser Front Plate Npr/h-p Intuita Mat Gry
996530072904Silver Dump Box Npr/h-p. Intuita Mat Gry
996530072909Silver Front Casing Cover V2 Npr Intuita Mat Gry
996530072915Silver Front Panel V2 S/scr.npr/b Intuita Mat Gry
996530072907Silver Water Tank Front Cover Npr Intuita Mat Gry
996530069761Slim Tub.boil.std C1 T190 1300W 120V As
996530007586Slim Tub.boiler 1300W 120V Assy.Y
996530009913Spares Kit Gears For Ratiomotor V203Y
996530072469Spares Kit Ss/ant Upper Casing Cov.npr/h Evo Class / Class Metal
996530068684Spares Kit Ss/blk Capp.lower Part Npr/h Evo Class / Class Metal /Intuita Ma39Y
996530068692Spares Kit Ss/blk Capp.upper Part Npr/h Evo Class / Class Metal /Intuita Ma40Y
996530000898Ss Brew Unit Spring H=49 Smart12
996530070369Ss Cof.dispens.front Plate Npr/ht-tm Ass Evo Class MetalY
996530006305Ss Coffee Unit Conterpiston Spring S005330Y
996530070355Ss Dump Box Npr/hm Assy. Evo Class MetalY
996530048885Ss Fork For Tube D=408Y
996530070368Ss Front Casing Cover Npr/hm Assy. Evo Class MetalY
996530072803Ss Front Panel S/ Npr/hm Assy. Evo Class Metal
996530050838Ss Hopper Spring For Brew Unit Smart19Y
996530000926Ss Pannarello Cover P0049 Evo Focus / Latte Mf / Bella Mf01Y
996530050455Ss Scraper Spring For Brew Unit21Y
996530001831Ss Spring For Water Contain.valve P004925Y
996530070361Ss Water Tank Front Cover Npr/hm Assy. Evo Class Metal29Y
996530050627Ss.8gr.brew Unit Piston Spring22
996530071774Ss.l=22,6mm Int.bush For Teflon Tube D423
996530003103Steam Tube Support P005735Y
996530004709Steel Flow Selector Valve Spring P005716
996530069857Steel Plate For Door Magnet Xsm53Y
996530012374Steelcrinkle Washer 21,8X14x0,2525Y
996530012375Steelflat Washer Di=4,3 De=14 Sp=1,520Y
996530039604Sticker For Water Hardness Test06Y
996530013077Tcb Screw M4x8 Uni 7687 Znp09
996530002484Tea/brass Safety Valve 16-18 Bar Assy.24Y
996530005586Tea/zama Increase Screw Grinder01Y 2X4 L=235+plate+2bush Npr Assy. From S/n Tw901310150166 And From S/32Y
996530002073Teflon Tube 2X4 L=250 Mm Assy.09
996530026997Temperature Sensor Ntc Ul L=280mm31Y
996530068662Tf/chrom.steam Tube D=5,4 Npr Assy.04Y
996530007973Thermostat One Shot 19020Y
421944001511Trans.bean Cont.finger Protect.v3 Npr UlY
996530072535Trans.contr.knob Outer Cover S/scr.npr/b Only Intuita24 For Display Npr14Y
996530001829Transp.valve For Water Container P004923Y
996530009523Transpar.10,5x12,3 Silicone Tube42
996530016875Transparent Silicone Foot17Y
996530000997Tub.boiler V3 Upper Therm.fixing Spring21
996530059843Turbine D=1,2 932-8521/00 Assy.29Y
996530007754Ulka Pump Eap5/s 120V-60hzY
996530007782Ulka Pump Ep5/s GwY
996530007753Ulka Pump Ep5/s Gw26Y
996530001296Uppercoffeegrinder Gear Support P12432Y
996530000425Water Level Sensor Board P124Y
996530050618White 8Gr.-12gr.brew Unit Piston Bush23
996530029115White Water Container Ext.filter Assy.27Y
996530061808Zn-btcb Screw M4x1631Y
Part NumberDescriptionLocationDemand