996530016342 (146520100) Baked Clay Grinder
Saeco Replacement Parts
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Substitute Part
Saeco 421944078641
(146520100) Baked Clay Grinder

use substitute part Saeco 421944078641

Detailed Description

996530016342, (146520100) BAKED CLAY GRINDER, 146520100

Philips Saeco S.p.A., or short Saeco, is an Italian manufacturer of manual, super-automatic and capsule espresso machines and other electrical goods with headquarters and factories in Bologna. The company was founded by Sergio Zappella and Arthur Schmed in 1981 as Sergio, Arthur e Compagnia. In 1985 they launched the first completely automatic espresso machine for domestic use, called Superautomatica and in 1999 they bought the historic espresso brand of Gaggia. The Saeco brand belongs to the Dutch electronics company Philips since July 2009. Saeco super-automatic espresso machines provide you cup after cup of coffee made from coffee beans, freshly ground at the touch of a button. From a shot of espresso to a cappuccino, latte or macchiato with fresh frothed milk from the integrated milk frother.

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